Odour Abatement

Waste Management Napanee has invested significant resources into the landfill gas control program at the Richmond Landfill, pursuing a program of continuous improvement over the decades of the site’s operation.

In recent years, we have taken a number of proactive steps to reduce odour. These actions include:

  • installation of enhanced landfill gas management systems to ensure minimal odour emissions
  • improved monitoring systems and processes, including four emission tests over the last four years, each of which recorded continuous improvement
  • improved maintenance and cap systems on gas wells in order to capture and reduce odour
  • construction of more than a dozen new gas wells which help capture odours
  • installation of pumps to improve the performance of wells
  • Surface emission scan of entire footprint to identify any potential concerns
  • Independent odour survey by a professional consultant company

As a result of these measures, we have recorded significant improvements which translate into a reduction in instances of odour emissions over the last several years. We continue to work on odour reduction as an ongoing priority.